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Here’s how our process works…

  • Account audit

    (if you’re running, or have run campaigns in the past, and have valuable data, we’d love to learn from it.)

  • Onboarding document completion

    (you give us details about your business, customer pain points, objections, etc. once, we use it to write engaging ads and landing page copy forever)

  • Keyword research

    (including negative keywords)

  • Competitor research

  • Offer analysis

  • Retargeting funnel and offers

  • Copywriting

  • Landing page design

    (with planned A/B tests out-of-the-gate)

  • Ad creative design

    (single image, carousel, video)

  • Conversion tracking set up

  • Attribution set up

  • Automated workflow implementation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the Q’s we get from clients all the time. Let us know if we missed anything or if you have more technical questions that require a personal touch.

Our typical engagement with a new client is a retainer-based contract with an average length of 4-6 months. That time period allows us to test, learn, optimize, and begin to scale. By the end of our initial engagement we’ll know the following – Do we work well together? Are we achieving our primary objectives? What do we need to accomplish next to rapidly accelerate growth?

Yes! We love to run POC campaigns with clients who are a) early stage and need help experimenting with campaign ideas quickly or b) want to “dip their toe” into an agency relationship before committing to a more concrete engagement.

We typically charge a monthly retainer that varies depending on how many ad channels, campaigns, and other services (blogging, email marketing, etc.) we are managing. Total monthly ad spend is factored into this equation as well. There is usually a one-time Plan Integration Fee that varies depending on how much initial work needs to be done in order to launch campaigns (landing page design, copywriting, attribution, etc.).

In some cases, we can see results immediately after launching campaigns. Other times, we need to learn and iterate before we achieve our primary marketing goals. Our average client sees a significant ROI on their paid campaigns within 2-3 months.

Absolutely! We love collaborating with internal marketing teams (and other agencies, for that matter). Our objective is to be as close to an extension of your team as possible, so it’s usually a natural fit.

Of course! We regularly handle the design and development of creative assets for our clients. We commonly design ad creative, graphics for websites and landing pages, PDF’s for sales collateral, etc.

Our preferred method of communication is to set up a shared Slack channel for regular back-and-forth to discuss campaigns, ideas, etc. on an ad hoc basis (we’re also totally fine with using regular ‘ol email as well). In addition to Slack/email, we typically set up a weekly or bi-weekly call to review current marketing efforts and strategize on new ideas.

We use a combination of resources for reporting including Google Data Studio and Morphio (an AI-based digital marketing software). In addition to online reports, we usually spend some time during weekly/bi-weekly touchpoints digging into campaigns as a group to discuss insights, trends, etc.

Of course! Send an email to hello@saashero.net and we’ll send you the contact info of several of our clients that would be happy to share their experience working with us with you. You can also check out our results page to see some of our most impressive wins.

This all depends on your market, competition, advertising channel(s) and several other factors. With that being said, we will always advise you to spend the right amount of money on your campaigns. If we feel that your budget will be ineffective, we’ll be the first to tell you even if it means that delays you hiring us.

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