Meet Your Presenter, Aaron Rovner (the guy on the left)

"Paid Linkedin ads can be a goldmine for any B2B business, if you know how to use them. Aaron shared with us invaluable knowledge and strategies that we were able to put into action as soon as the webinar ended. Using his strategy, we learned we were able create a reliable flow of warm leads that we can turn on whenever we want."
Andy Frye

Founder & CEO, Pronto Tax School

How To Get 40% Conversion Rates From LinkedIn Campaigns

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Hosted by Aaron Rovner

Here is What You'll Learn

How to come up with lead magnet topics your ideal audience craves

How to create attention-grabbing titles that invoke curiosity from your best prospects

How to run insanely successful campaigns on LinkedIn that regularly generate 40% conversion rates

How to write extremely valuable copy that establishes you as the utmost authority on the topic

How to design professional, eye-catching ads that stop your audience in their tracks when scrolling through the LinkedIn newsfeed

How to create a repeatable, scalable customer acquisition strategy that consistently keeps your sales pipeline full

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How To Get 40% Conversion Rates From LinkedIn Campaigns

Learn Our #1 Strategy For Insanely Successful B2B Lead Generation

Late 2019: Created the LinkedIn Lead Magnet Masterclass (response = overwhelming)

2018: Started SaaS Hero, an ad agency focusing on lead generation for B2B SaaS & technology companies

2014: Joined ServiceWhale as VP of Business Development & Marketing. Led marketing, sales team and strategic partnership initiatives

2013: Started Simmer Media, an ad agency focusing on literally everyone (bad idea, good experience)

2007: Joined first startup, GoldPaq, commence lead generation teeth-cutting (mainly SEO & lots of PPC)

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We'll send you our Copywriting Framework Worksheet that is guaranteed to help you organize your content so it's easy for prospects to read and will help you write your content in the shortest amount of time possible.

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